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About Us

About Us is a small web-based family business based in Hampshire. We have been importing and selling Thai knives and peelers since May 2008.

Kiwi & KomKom on YouTube

Video on YouTube of Kiwi & KomKom knives in action
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Kiwi & Kom Kom - Main Website

This link is to the Kiwi and Kom Kom website - Here you will find more information about the products we sell.

Ten Million Thai Chefs Can't Be Wrong

Read this article "Credible Cutters on the Cheap" to see what is being written about Kiwi and Kom Kom knives in the US

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Temple of Thai is an excellent US based website that has Thai recipes, information on fruit carving and they also sell, among many other things, Kiwi and KomKom knives.

Review of Kiwi Knives on cooltools website

"Kiwis are the most consistently sharp, most durable, and have the most effective shapes. I've bought or suggested them for all of my foodie friends, and people can't get over how wonderful they are." click here

Hock Tools - Make your own knife

This link is to the Hock Tools website -

My Guitar Building Blog

This link is to the my guitar building blog -

Treasure Island Sweets

For traditional sweets and confectionary try:



Find out more about the Russian language and culture. There's also an online store where you can buy a range of Russian products. Take a look at

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