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Latest News - 1st April 2017

This is not an april fools joke - New Stock has now arrived from Thailand last friday. I have now added all the stock for current lines and
I will continue adding the new stock over the next few days once I have created all the new photos.

Coming soon...

846p - 7" Cleaver Knife (KOMKOM)
813p - 8" Chinese Cleaver Wood Handle (KIWI)
511s - 5" Steak Knife Plasic Handle (KIWI)
195 - 5" Utility Knife Plastic Handle (KIWI)
195KK - 5" Utility Knife Plastic Handle (KOMKOMI)
197 - 7" Carving Knife Plastic Handle (KIWI)
211p - 8" Cook Knife Plastic Handle (KIWI)
816 - 6.5" Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle
830p - 6" Cleaver Knife Plastic Handle
840 - 7" Cleaver Knife Wood Handle
477 - 7" Java Knife Plastic Handle
478 - 8" Java Knife Plastic Handle
479 - 9" Java Knife Plastic Handle
276 - 6" Java Knife Plastic Handle

Check out some of our other latest amazing products:

Kiwi Brand Cook cleaver style knife with a black plastic handle.
Kiwi Brand 4" Java Knife with plastic handle.

The Kom Kom 5.5" Decoration Knife - This size of "wave" knife is now available with plastic handle in 5.5" size and higher quality Kom Kom blade : Used for fruit carving but can be used to create home-made crinkle cut chips or to get you kids to eat their vegetables by making them more interesting!

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